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PC Help Services is pleased to provide wireless set up and wireless repair services and installation for:

  • Residential Home Networks, and
  • Commercial Businesses (Small and Medium Sized)

The Wireless Set Up and Repair Services We Provide

At PC Help Services we offer the following range of wireless set up and repair services for your residential home computer and commercial business operating systems which include:

  • Residential and Business Wireless Network Set Up

Our technicians can help set you up with secure wireless router connections for either your home computer or for all of your business computer stations.

  • Wireless Printing

Our services also provide both residential homes and commercial businesses with wireless printing set up so you can print your documents from anywhere in your home or business with a simple click.

  • Computer Networking Repair

If you are encountering problems with your existing wireless router system at home or at your business, our team of highly experienced technicians will analyze the problem and correct the issue so you can get on with your day

  • Computer Network Security

Any wireless system which we install or which you are currently using needs to be security protected. Our technicians can provide you with all the most current security protocols and updates to protect your system from intrusion or malware.

PC Help Services Wireless Set Up and Repair Services

We provide services for homes and businesses in the following Indiana locales including:

  • Indianapolis
  • Westfield
  • Zionsville
  • Carmel
  • Fishers (Drop Off Location)

Contact PC Help Services today to get a wireless system installed or repaired for your home or business by our team of trained technicians or contact us at or (317) 868-7788 us for all your wireless needs.


Overall a great experience. Everyone I worked with was very friendly. They committed to get the diagnostic done and get back to me the next day. They did exactly that. They were able to find the problem and were very understanding and friendly when I told them I could replace the failed part myself.”

Christopher Dew

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