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Craig Sommers

In 2007 I started working for IGWUN Computers, and four years later PC Help acquired the company. I was fortunate enough to stay on with the new company, with whom I’ve really enjoyed getting to work on new challenges.

Matt Edwards

My time with PC Help began while I was going back to school. I was seeking full time work in the IT field for more experience, and luckily I was able to join the team here. The work atmosphere is friendly and team-oriented, so I really appreciate being a part of the staff.

Kevin Falls

I met PC Help’s owner through Northview Church, and while I was sure early on that I would be working here soon enough, in the end it took two years for me to come on board. I’m so glad I did, because the internal team and the customers I support are both so wonderful to work with.

Matt Connors

I started working with PC Help as a part of my IUPUI Internship. Since joining I’ve grown to appreciate the position, especially for the people I get to work with. The staff culture is exciting and supportive, so it’s a great place to work. I’m truly very proud to be part of a team that’s so willing to share knowledge and resources because it makes for a great work community.

David Szpunar

After providing IT support for a church for seven years I was fortunate enough to connect with PC Help, which gave me to opportunity to gain varied experience and help more people with their technology. I really appreciate the chance to work with such a great team of people, and I enjoy the daily challenge of solving difficult problems.

Chris Burgei

I connected with PC Help through a company called Dental TI in 2011. When I was hired by Dental TI as a business consultant, all their support contracts were given to PC Help. Afterwards I established a great working relationship with PC Help’s owner Jason, and from there it was a good fit to work with the dental support customers as an employee of PC Help.

Sarah Romine

I’m fortunate to work at PC Help Services today because I had previously worked with the owner Jason at his other business, Indy Blinds N’ Shades. I’m so happy to work here because it’s such a great family-oriented environment, and it has that great personal touch that comes with a small business.

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