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Microsoft is Adding 3D Paint to Windows 10

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Microsoft has introduced a preview of 3D Paint and the results are amazing. The entire way people interact with Paint is going to change in a positive way.

If you have ever enjoyed the Paint app provided by Windows, your experience is about to get a lot better. Microsoft has just introduced a small preview of a 3D Paint app that will be part of the Windows 10 operating system bundle.

Microsoft 3D Paint

When Can You Expect to Have Access?

Since the new app is only part of a preview, it is not available to every just yet. The expected release with the bundle is set for March 2017. The addition of this new app is designed to attract more creator types and will be a standard component of the system. If you are a Microsoft insider, you may already have access to the preview and can begin testing it out for yourself.

What Have People Discovered with the Preview?

The preview is only available in English but three have already been some leaked features that people are enjoying. First, the move from 2D to 3D is impressive. You can change a 2D object into a 3D one with the app and even create one from scratch. The app makes it very easy to complete the task and you can use all kinds of new tools such as oil brushes, watercolors, and even smudge the paint. The app is also connected to so you can pull inspiration from there. On the website you can even showcase your own artwork.

Paint Isn’t What it Used to Be

Paint has come a long way in recent years and you can now create very realistic looking graphics Your design can come to life in no time at all with these updated textures and materials. You can even create your own MEME’s with 3D stickers that will appropriately fit around objects. Once you have access to the app, you will want to go crazy creating emojis and other items with pictures of your friends. When you doodle, like you probably did for many years with the original app, those doodles can come to life. They will become 3D and you can really do anything with them.

3D Paint is changing the face of the creative comoponent of Windows. You may have to wait until March 2017 to enjoy it but it will be worth it. For more information, be sure t contact PC Help Services in Indianapolis via (317) 585-0500 or


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