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My time with PC Help began while I was going back to school. I was seeking full time work in the IT field for more experience, and luckily I was able to join the team here. The work atmosphere is friendly and team-oriented, so I really appreciate being a part of the staff.

I find that I’m technically most skilled with virus removal, but I really pride myself in my ability to restore a client’s peace of mind. It means a lot to me when I’m able to help calm a customer down by providing a timely solution to their IT problem.┬áThe long-term development of client relationships is an important part of my work. I once had a customer that had definitely had some bad experiences with “tech support” in the past, and was unsure if PC Help would be any different. Fortunately, after servicing her once I have seen her back in with more computers in need of repair because she actually believes in us and the service we provide.

When I’m not on a job for PC Help, I like to go to the lake in the summer, and snowboarding in the winter. I’m also constantly working harder to learn about new developments in the programming field because I really enjoy working on video games.


I keep coming back because you get my computers fixed, are honest, and great with follow up questions! Keep your eyes on your customer service and you will be in business for a very long time!

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