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Superman Day Is a Perfect Time To Start Your Journey To Becoming Your Own Information Technology Superhero

You don’t have to rely on an outside savior to fix your IT emergencies. Prepare your organization for contingencies with these helpful IT security tips.

Duck into a phone booth (if you can find one!) and don your cape because Monday, June 12, 2017 has been designated as Superman Day! It just so happens that this is concurrent with the time that the new Wonder Woman movie will be in movie theaters around the world, so superheroes are going to be on everyone’s mind.

Superman Day

It’s well known that Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way, but his time working for the Daily Planet has probably also taught him to have a healthy respect for IT safety and security. In honor of Superman, we at PC Help Services in Indianapolis want you to be prepared for the unknown in the IT world. Don’t wait around for a superhero to save you; instead, learn how you can create processes that will safeguard your data and tech in order to defend against mistakes and emergencies.

Create written procedures to guide your team members
A healthy IT ecosystem begins with everyone in your organization being on the same page when it comes to security procedures and other best practices. Without proper guidance, people do things however it suits them best at the moment, which may not always be the most secure way to operate. Set your teams up for success by clearly outlining the most secure and effective IT processes, so that they always have a guide they can consult in the event of questions.

And if you’re going to go to the trouble of outlining your IT processes, training your staff members on proper execution has to follow. Once you have properly set the expectations for how IT operations are to be conducted, and given your team members the tools they need to complete their tasks, then you will be able to hold everyone in the organization accountable for upholding proper IT practices.

Make cyber security a priority for everyone

When it comes to IT security, the weakest link in the chain metaphor is startlingly accurate. You can have 99% of the people in your organization following proper protocols for every piece of technology they use, and if just one person fails to uphold the same standard you could be putting yourself at serious risk. The importance of cyber security has to come from the top down, and eventually filter to every manager of every department, no matter how integral IT is to their daily job functions.

There are many ways that you can facilitate a more secure technological environment throughout all levels of your company. Remember that no measure is too small to help make your data more secure. Encourage users to keep up to date with software updates, set guidelines for proper data storage and deletion, and enforce strict password requirements, including changes for all software platforms at regular intervals.

Control access to data and keep a regimented schedule of backups

These days, almost every company in existence processes and stores some kind of sensitive digital data. Not only is this data often crucial for the organization to function properly, but it can also be a glaring target for hackers who wish to steal and exploit it.

Whether you’re talking about cyber criminals stealing customer credit card information, or important trade secrets somehow being made public, digital data can be a very valuable target. Limit access to these kinds of data to employees who need it and have been properly trained in security procedures. You may not be able to make yourself invulnerable to hackers, but you can make sure that your sensitive data is taken care of properly.

Additionally, it’s important to not neglect your data backups as well. The main problem with backups is that they often seem less consequential when compared to other mission critical tasks, and they tend to fall by the wayside when people get busy. Systems have a tendency to fail at the least opportune times, so make sure you hold your departments to the backup schedule so you can be prepared in an emergency.

Review your processes on a regular basis

Businesses are always in flux, and IT operations are no different. Hardware infrastructure, software platforms, user functions, and many more factors are going to change frequently as your company grows and its needs evolve. In that regard, the IT processes that you outlined when the company was in its infancy may no longer be optimal.

In order to ensure that your IT policy fits with your organizational realities, schedule frequent reviews of your processes with representatives from every department. Have them talk to their end-user employees to get feedback about how their use of certain systems may have changed, and how policies can be updated to help improve their use of the IT systems and enhance security measures.

Engage in ongoing IT professional development

Ongoing education is important for many areas of business, and this is especially true for IT management. Technology progresses at a rapid pace, and the only way to keep up with all of the changes is to make a commitment to keep learning. This will help you stay up to date on new technology that may be beneficial to your organization, and keep you apprised of potential dangers that you need to protect yourself from.

Running a company comes with numerous different responsibilities, and it can be difficult on your own to devote the necessary time to IT professional development. We want you to know that you have a partner who can work with you to ensure that your IT operations are in peak condition. To learn more about how you can become your own IT superhero, contact one of our representatives at or (317) 585-0500.


Absolutely amazing. Matthew came to the office and worked with the laptop I had tried to fix myself. He listened carefully to what I reported, then worked with it for over an hour. He asked if he could take it back to his office to work with it. I agreed on the basis of a two-hour billable cap. He took it back to his shop, I’m sure spent way more than two hours fixing it, and returned to me a laptop I scarcely recognized–faster, working wireless, updated Cisco VPN software–perfection. In the course of his magic, he was always available to discuss the configuration, asked all the right questions and gave the right answers. He met the deadline I imposed. The service was so impressive that I asked about future availability to deal with a small business network if help was needed. There’s a team of folks ready to help.”

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