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After providing IT support for a church for seven years I was fortunate enough to connect with PC Help, which gave me to opportunity to gain varied experience and help more people with their technology. I really appreciate the chance to work with such a great team of people, and I enjoy the daily challenge of solving difficult problems.

I’m particularly talented in matching products and services to customers in order to solve a problem. Through the service I provide, I would hope my clients find that I’m able to explain things in an accessible and simple manner.

One job I particularly enjoyed was when a customer requested that we color-code all of their network cables. It was a fun project, and I really enjoyed organizing the system to both look great and make it easier to troubleshoot. I really just love working with technology; it’s exciting to apply it in news way to improve efficiency for customers and for our own internal processes.

When I have time off I spend it with my wife and two kids. After they’ve all gone to bed however, I enjoy watching TV.


Matt was on time, very courteous, serviced my PC to increase performance,and answered my questions truthfully without bias.

Larry Darling

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