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Computer support can mean a lot of different things.

Perhaps you have computer problems that include a PC that won’t boot, or believe a computer virus may have invaded your hard drive. Having PC Help Services run computer diagnostics on your desktop or laptop computer can save you a lot of time and heartache.

Our business and residential computer repair services cover a wide array of areas. Whether you need us to install a computer, perform network set up duties, or conduct a virus scan, our computer technicians will provide excellent computer support and get to the bottom of your computer problems quickly and efficiently.

Computer Repair & Diagnostics

Here at PC Help Services, we know that everyone has encountered computer problems at one time or another – and usually at the most inconvenient of times. You’re typing along, trying to finish a late night email, when all of a sudden you experience a computer freeze and you see one of those dreaded “error” messages on the screen. Your laptop kindly offers a computer diagnostics tool on the screen, but deciphering the information to fix the computer only serves to increase your frustration.

Or maybe the only pc repair you need is to increase speed and efficiency. Over time, there are many factors that can cause a usually peppy pc to become a slow running computer. Extra games, old or unused software and fragmented disk space can all affect your computer’s performance.

Computer Repair

For any home computer repair or business computer repair or computers that simply won’t boot, call us at (317) 868-7788 for fast and reliable computer diagnostics and computer services.

Computer Services

So you’ve finally decided to upgrade your computer system, but don’t have a clue where to begin or the desire to sift through all those manuals, cords, and computer installation CD’s. Not to mention transferring all your files from your old computer to your new one, or learning how to do the wireless set up or network set up.

There’s an easy solution – leave it all to PC Help Services! Our computer technicians will not only install the computer for you, but will make sure your wireless network is set up properly and securely. We serve Indianapolis, ZionsvilleWestfield, and the surrounding areas of Central Indiana with professional pc repair and computer diagnostics services.

Computer Viruses

They strike without warning – and some computer viruses can even get through your virus scan software (of course, it’s no surprise if you haven’t updated your virus protection since the Clinton years). Symptoms can include a computer running slow, computer freeze, or other various pc problems. Antivirus software is the key to locking out malware or a trojan virus, but if you’ve been hit, we have the computer troubleshooting experience to optimize performance leave you with a clean, hard-working computer again.

Computer Support

Scanning is supposed to be easy, right? Then why is your printer feeder refusing to cooperate? Our friendly and patient computer technicians have the answer. With years of experience in computer and laptop support, a pc technician from PC Help Services will locate and resolve your pc problem. No matter how big or how small your computer problems are, we’re here to help.

Call PC Help Services, Inc. today at (317) 868-7788 to schedule a visit from an expert computer technician for computer repair, computer services or computer support. For your convenience, we also have an easy to use contact form on this page and convenient drop-off location in Fishers, IN.


Absolutely amazing. Matthew came to the office and worked with the laptop I had tried to fix myself. He listened carefully to what I reported, then worked with it for over an hour. He asked if he could take it back to his office to work with it. I agreed on the basis of a two-hour billable cap. He took it back to his shop, I’m sure spent way more than two hours fixing it, and returned to me a laptop I scarcely recognized–faster, working wireless, updated Cisco VPN software–perfection. In the course of his magic, he was always available to discuss the configuration, asked all the right questions and gave the right answers. He met the deadline I imposed. The service was so impressive that I asked about future availability to deal with a small business network if help was needed. There’s a team of folks ready to help.”

Michael Griffith

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