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This information provides answers to basic questions often asked by our customers during computer repair, including how to avoid the need for repairs in the first place. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • VIRUS PROTECTION: Guidelines for Protecting Your Equipment and Privacy [Download PDF]
  • DATA BACK-UP: Protecting your Files, Photos, Music and More [Download PDF]
  • LAPTOP CARE: Guidelines for Protecting Your Laptop Investment [Download PDF]

Service Visits: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest and cheapest way to get my system serviced?
It depends on the issue you are experiencing. If you can’t access the Internet, router or have a connection problem, visiting your home will be the best solution so we can fix and test continuity in your home environment. If you’re PC won’t turn on, sparks, makes loud noises or gives you a hardware error message, it will save you time and potentially the cost of a service call to bring the system in for a proper diagnostic test to determine the root-cause of your problem.

What do I need to do if I get a virus?
Viruses are today’s #1 risk to computers. If you want to retain the value of your current computer investment, it is essential to make sure you have current and active spyware, adware and virus protection. There are very good products available which we can share with you if you don’t currently have protection.

If you get a virus, service generally takes 1.5 – 2 hours to remove it. Many viruses require multiple scans with more than one virus cleaning software. If your PC was slow before you contracted the virus, the speed at which we can run the scans may take overnight. If your PC is in our shop we do not charge you for the time the systems are running scans, only the time the computer technician uses to fix and test the system and verify it has been completely cleaned.

My Internet keeps sending me to other websites I didn’t try to access. What’s going on?
Usually this is caused by a virus that redirects your web browser to go to a site of its own choosing. Sometimes the sites you are sent to are not suitable for children. We recommend you have an active parental control program running at all times.

Virus protection software makes my computer run slower. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?
Some virus protection programs are designed to run full scans at all times. Many are great products, but use your processing speed and power to run their programs first. This makes for slower performance when you are running other programs. There are great anti-virus products that are available that do not require as much computer processor capabilities. Please contact us and we can discuss the best solution for your situation.

How do I optimize my computer system so that it works as best and fast as it possibly can?
Computers are like cars and need occasional maintenance to remove the software gunk that builds up over time. Your computer’s hard drive has a limited amount of space to store information and if it fills up with temporary files (unnecessary website info, etc.), your system will slow down. A yearly clean-up of several of these file types can remove the gunk and in most instances dramatically increase the speed and performance of your computer.

Another option for speeding up your computer system is to increase the size of its memory (RAM). Older systems often have the hardware capacity to accept more memory. Buying memory sticks is more affordable than replacing a system.

Does PC Help Services work with cell phones to sync and resolve email issues?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Does PC Help Services fix printers, scanners, fax, etc.?
We can resolve software, default settings, shared network issues… etc. If, however, you have an inexpensive or two year old printer or older, it is sometimes just as cost-effective to replace rather than repair the printer. New color printers are available from $59 – $99 and may be a better investment than the cost of a service visit and parts replacement.

Does PC Help Services sell computer parts?
It is our policy to find the best part at the best price for the unique needs of our customers. We do not keep a large inventory of parts on hand or sell them in our retail locations.

How will I know my information is secure when PC Help Services, Inc. services my PC?
All customer equipment is handled with the highest regard for your security while working to retain the value of your current computer equipment investment. It is our policy and practice not to access files without a customer request. If data retrieval is required, we retrieve files based on customer instructions and verify files have been saved, but do not open files unless specifically requested to by the customer.

Does PC Help Services offer maintenance contracts for monthly computer services?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can provide a quote for you.

Does PC Help Services offer back-up services for data?
Yes, we offer both business and residential solutions and can set them up to automatically back-up daily for you.

Does PC Help Services manage parental controls or restricted access to files in business settings?
Yes. We offer both business and residential solutions and can set them up to protect or restrict access.


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