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Cloud Data Security: Protect Your Data and Your Identity At All Costs 

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is incredibly convenient and has a ton of potential advantages when you use it.  You can access information stored on the cloud from anywhere you have an Internet connection and so can your friends and family.  Simple as that – no more having to remember to carry around flash drives or wasting your time e-mailing attachments.

The cloud will also reduce the amount of money your business spends on infrastructure.  That’s putting more money in your pocket where it belongs.

Using a cloud service does have one severe drawback, though:  There are very legitimate, and potentially very damaging, security holes in the cloud.  Hackers are out to THREATEN you and steal your valuable information.  When you do not have full control of the network then you do not have full control of the information PERIOD.  If you neglect cloud security the misuse or deletion of information can include identity theft and data duplication.

Don’t let hackers get away with it – protect yourself!  Here’s what you can do:

  • Use a Two-Step Verification System

Identity thieves start by wanting to steal your username.  Once they have that they own your information – unless you use a two-step verification system.  How?  These thieves (and that’s EXACTLY what they are) will just go through every possible combination until they crack your password.  This leaves your information vulnerable and defenseless.  So what should you do?  Get another layer of identification confirmation through a two-step verification code to your mobile device.  This can be done through a text or even an app and keeps identity thieves out of your personal business.

  • Choose Wisely When Sending to the Cloud

Only send a file to the cloud if you are planning on accessing it remotely or if you plan on sharing that file.  And if you send a file to the cloud, put into the documents folder first so you have a backup.  Don’t let a sudden network failure float your file into thin air.

  • Encrypt Everything

Encryption absolutely must be done for every file you send to the cloud.  Keep your data secure!  The great thing is that you can leave this step to the experts. PC Help Services is here to help you find the right encryption service to match your needs, so you won’t even notice your information is being encrypted as you send it.

Keep your information safe on the cloud, and ensure you won’t have to worry about criminals invading your privacy. PC Help Services is your go-to source for Indianapolis IT security – contact us at (317) 585-0500 or to find out how to protect yourself from hackers and identity thieves.


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